Keeping fruit juice concentrates stable

Christian Vestergaard, Manager, R&D Projects:

”CO-RO produces soft drink concentrates, which are sold over the world.  The rheology of the concentrates is critical to secure the storage stability even under extreme climatic conditions while at the same time delivering a diluted beverage that provides the right experience for consumers. Consequently, CO-RO today employs considerable resources making classical laboratory rheometer measurements, both of raw materials and of finished concentrate formulations. The first results obtained with the RheoStream™ measuring cell shows that it can reproduce the viscometric well as visco-elastic differences that we had found using the standard laboratory rheometer. The RheoStream technology from Fluidan has a considerable potential and correctly implemented it can provide significant savings by

  1. Enabling early correction of batches that could otherwise lead to re-work
  2. Allowing a broader raw material specification
  3. Reallocating resources used for classical rheology
  4. Offering a better understanding of the fluid flow properties and interaction with process equipment and formulation and thus quality – this could be a key objective for the introduction of PAT technology

Furthermore, there is an even greater value in ensuring consistent product quality, because this will drive an even higher consumer loyalty.”

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