A sticky challenge


You may not know Coloplast as a manufacturer of liquids – but rheology is of great importance.

Says Head of Pilot, Adhesives, Henrik Edvardsen:

“One of the main quality drivers for our PSAs [PSA = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive] is the rheology of the adhesive. We have traditionally measured the rheology properties using DMA, Dynamical Mechanical Analysis, or even peel. A main drawback form a production point of view in using these test methods is that they demand up to 24 hours of sample preparation making it impossible to monitor and act on developments in the production quality in a timely manner.
The economic incentive for Coloplast with the RheoStream(TM) technology is to reduce waste during production because in-line rheology testing will allow early detection of product anomalies, further it will reduce the logistic complexity related to waiting for test results.
Coloplast has previously been looking into finding test methods that in-line could measure the quality of the PSAs during their production however we have until now not been able to find a suitable solution. Recently with our switch to a new process technology the desire for an in-line test method for measuring the rheology of the PSA has become increasingly of interest. Therefore, the RheoStream technology from Fluidan is of great interest to the department and to Coloplast”

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