Optimize production flow in manufacture of viscous liquids

Are you manufacturing viscous liquids?

Paint, skin care, detergent, yoghurt, sauces,…
RheoStream® will help you

  • reduce off-spec rate and rework
  • optimize capacity utilization
  • streamlining your supply chain

RheoStream® – in-process real time rheology measurement

RheoStream® is a rheometer for real time in-process measurement of shear thinning, apparent yield stress and viscoelasticity in viscous, non-Newtonian liquids like paint, detergent, soap, skin care, sauces and dressings.

RheoStream® is designed to be implemented directly on the production line, making it possible to control and keep the production process on track.

By implementing RheoStream® you get the opportunity to:

  • Reduce off-spec rate and rework – with real time rheology information the production process can be continuously regulated, ensuring that the processed liquids comply with specification limits.
  • Optimize capacity and resource utilization – a controlled process reduces the need for reworking off-spec material and frees up capacity and enables a larger throughput.
  • Streamline your value chain – when every batch and every ton produced meets the specification the output is predictable, allowing for an optimized and streamlined supply chain.
  • Gather data for big data analysis / smart manufacturing / Industry 4.0 – with so many parameters to adjust in a process and so few real insights into the actual properties of the liquid inside the stainless steel it is challenging to establish a model-based understanding of process performance. Adding rheology to the picture enhances the understanding of process performance, both on the shop floor and in digital models.

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Company News

RheoStream® helps Henkel keeping rheology on track

RheoStream® helps Henkel keeping rheology on track

What do you do when you wish to deliver the highest quality everytime, but the quality control is always behind the facts? Henkel is a leading manufacturer of household care products in Europe. Henkel pursues an ambitious Industry 4.0 and digitalization strategy. See...

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Fridolin Okkels, CTO
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+45 2374 5664

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