RheoStream® Technology



Novel measurement technology will ensure consistent quality and lower production cost

We are all used to handling liquids in our everyday lives. From getting the ketchup out of the bottle and enjoying the smoothness of a chocolate mousse, to modern paints that do not stain. It all depends on getting the fluids to flow in the right way. The flow properties of fluids (rheology) are key quality features in many products and processes.

Flow cellsRheoStream® is a new proprietary flowcell technology for analyzing the flow properties of liquids.

The RheoStream® technology will revolutionize the way flow properties are measured and used for control of manufacturing processes. It will be applicable in a wide variety of industries such as food and beverages, paints and coatings, household- and personal care products as well as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries. 

First online instrument for rheology control

The RheoStream® technology makes it possible for the first time to control the complex rheological parameters in a production process in real time. This allows companies to reduce their off-spec rate and shorten batch-approval time – thereby increasing productivity and reducing production and quality costs.

At present, the rheometers that measure fluid flow properties are mainly sensitive tabletop machines that are operated manually and analyze one fluid samples at a time, brought to them by operators from all over the production facility. Furthermore, as these quality-measuring procedures can take hours, they are indeed time-delaying bottlenecks in production and quality control. Alternatively, in-line viscometers are installed in the process; however, these do not offer information about the complex rheology (such as shear thinning or viscoelasticity).
The RheoStream device is simple, robust and automatic. It can do real-time continuous measurements of those rheological parameters that matter most in a given product or process, and it can therefore be distributed, as an on-line instrument, directly into the production facility where there is a need for them. Any changes in the flow characteristics can be adjusted, in the moment they occur.

Fluidan will develop and sell a series of on-line instruments for process control and liquid analysis, adapted to the specific needs in a range of industry segments

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For a more fundamental description, read the paper published by Nordic Rheology Society 2017, April 2017 or the poster from AERC 2017

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