Did you know that RheoStream® is the only process rheometer that takes full control of the sample – like a “small laboratory in a box”?
In our new brochure, we have included all the most important information to understand all about RheoStream®. You can download the brochure with the link below.
If you are looking for a quick introduction to RheoStream and to Fluidan, then we hope you will like our new video – it is on the frontpage of www.fluidan.com

Video Introducing RheoStream®

It is quite simple: If you are today checking viscosity of your product by manual methods, in the QC lab or on the factory floor, you can benefit from automating the analysis.
Chances are, that the liquids are non-Newtonian, shear thinning. And that is why it has not been possible to find a process analyzer doing the job to your satisfaction.

RheoStream has been created to solve exactly that challenge: Fully automatic process analysis of non-Newtonian liquids.
The new introduction video explains this and invites you to work with Fluidan

Read More – In Our New Brochure

How does RheoStream® support automation of manufacturing?

How does it work – and why is the precision much better than manual methods?

How is RheoStream installed in the factory – and how is it interfaced to the factory control system?

Read this and much more about the RheoStream process rheometer in the new brochure.

You can open the pdf and then print or save it with this link: RheoStream 6-page brochure (PDF)

Work with Fluidan To Optimize Production

We help you installing RheoStream and interfacing to your control system.

We support your factory trial if you wish to test RheoStream.

We will always deliver a solution that help you meeting your goals for automation, efficiency, and quality improvements.

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