Drilling Muds – new frontiers for RheoStream®

In oil exploration every optimization counts. Stagnating oil prices and still higher capital investments in more complex technologies drives the need to get more oil and gas with less resources.

Oil Field Service companies help optimizing the exploration by providing all the material and expertise needed for instance related to drilling muds and fracking fluids.

These are strongly shear thinning liquids, often with a yield point and may also be viscoelastic as a result of the polymers added for rheology control, e.g. hydrocolloids.

Current practice involves the mud engineer controlling rheology for instance once per shift in a manually operated off-line method.

RheoStream can be further adapted to handle the drilling and fracking fluids and will then enable a near-continuous monitoring of the mud rheology.  This will make it possible for the Oil Field Service company to provide an even more consistent fluid quality and to enhance the value of the service.

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