Optional configuration

RheoStream® VE and FC are available as customized instrument offering the following options:


Used for


Very viscous liquids (above 5000 mPa·s at 1/s) may require additional pressure to flow unhindered into the RheoStream instrument.
In case the pressure in the factory piping/tank is not sufficient to drive the liquid flow, RheoStream is fitted with a feeding pump

Liquids may have a few particles above 200µm.  These can be removed by pre-filtering the liquid before it enters the measuring system, to prevent instrument clogging.
The pre-filter is flushed automatically to keep it clean.
Liquid return
As default the spent liquid is led to waste after the measurement. If needed, the spent liquid may automatically be pumped back into the pipe/tank from where it was sampled. Works for liquids below 1000 mPa·s at 1/s.
It is possible to separate sample (product) and/or cleaning liquids or calibration check liquids, to make sure that foreign liquids do not re-enter the product stream.
Liquids cabinet
RheoStream has all the measurement system and electronics in one cabinet. A second cabinet can be provided with space for bottles cleaning liquid, waste and calibration check liquid.
Alternatively, larger containers may be placed close to RheoStream or RheoStream can be connected to e.g. CIP liquid supply and waste.
Special requirements

  • Hygiene – sterile valve
In industry sectors with a requirement for high hygiene standards, the liquid is sampled through a sterile, cleanable one-way valve with zero dead space, and the spent liquids are led to waste.
Special requirements

  • ATEX – zone 2 compatibility

If the liquid being measured and/or the cleaning liquid employed are volatile and lead to the presence of flammable gasses, the ATEX zone 2 version of RheoStream must be installed.

Other requirements and options can be provided on request, e.g. mounting rack, liquid strainer, various connectors etc. uest

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