Fluidan’s patented technology

RheoStream® is based on a new and patented measuring principle, combining two flow cells.

A precision pump in the instrument controls the flow rate of the sample as it is passed through the two flow cells.

This is how it works

In each of the flow cells a differential pressure is recorded – these pressure signals are the primary measurements, which are analyzed and converted into the rheological parameters.

The pump controlling the liquid flow is a precision syringe pump: During sample intake the pump is filled (e.g. 5 ml of liquid) and then it empties by pushing the liquid through the flow system.

The pump operates in pules or steps, each securing a precisely determined shear rate in the flow system.

A typical measurement consists of 3-8 such pulses, giving 3-8 points on a flow curve (corresponding values of shear rate and viscosity).

At the same time, the patented design of the complex flow cell produces pressure signals that can be correlated to the viscoelastic properties of the liquid, each flow rate corresponding to a frequency.

This video illustrates the liquid flow in the instrument: https://fluidan.com/3d-video-shows-how-rheostreamworks/

The measurement cycle typically takes 1-2 minutes, up to 5 minutes in the case of more viscous liquids.

RheoStream VE measures the key characteristics of liquids: Shear thinning, apparent yield stress and viscoelasticity.

RheoStream VE reads out:

  • Flowcurve/viscometry data:
    • shear stress and viscosity across a range of shear rates
    • model based rheology characteristics: Power law: n, K; Bingham and Hershel-Bulkley: Yield stress (σ0) as well as n, K
  • Viscoelasticity data:
    • G’ , G’’ , G*, tan(δ)
      • G’: elastic (storage) modulus
      • G’’: viscous (loss) modulus
      • G*: Complex modulus

tan(δ): tangens of phase angle

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Fridolin Okkels, CTO
+45 2537 8686

Anders L. Østergård, CEO
+45 2374 5664

Email: info@fluidan.com


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