Fluidan’s Unique Technology

RheoStream® is a fully automated capillary rheometer in a box!

A precision pump in the instrument controls the sample flow rate as it passes through the capillary.

RheoStream measures the viscosity profile typically every 1-2 minutes: A sample automatically flows into the instrument, and it is being measured in a sequence of steps. When done, a new sample is taken – every sample is 5 ml.

Unlike any other process rheometer RheoStream takes full control of the sample. That gives important benefits:

  • The sample temperature is controlled to the desired level
  • The viscosity is measured across a controlled range of shear rates

The output from RheoStream is the viscosity at 3 shear rates. Or you can get the parameters from a model of the viscosity curve (Bingham, Casson, etc.).

RheoStream Graphical User Interface




Download our brochure about RheoStream

Frontpage of brochure - RheoStream process rheometer

This is How RheoStream® Works

By following the numbers on the picture (right), you can follow the progress of a measurement:

① A sample is drawn from process equipment
② The syringe pump controls flow rates in pulses ③
④ A preheater/cooler ensures a steady temperature of the measurement
⑤ The liquid flows through a thin tube (capillary)
⑥ A pressure difference (ΔP) is measured for each pulse
⑦ The instrument computer converts pressure signals into viscosity values
⑧  Displays results on the user interface
⑨ Spent sample is collected as waste


This video illustrates the liquid flow in the instrument: https://fluidan.com/3d-video-shows-how-rheostreamworks/

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Fridolin Okkels, CTO
+45 2537 8686

Anders L. Østergård, CEO
+45 2374 5664

Email: info@fluidan.com


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