3D video shows how RheoStream®works

In the link below you can see a 3D-animation of how RheoStream® works. The video was made by communication and graphics and 3D specialist Frederik Isak Petersen, and shows how the sample flows in RheoStream. Link: https://youtu.be/5Wtxjl4T2ew

RheoStream® is now CE compliant

Today RheoStream® VE and RheoStream FC are in full CE conformity. After having performed all the required testing, EMC, safety tests etc, and conducted a thorough  risk assessment according to the Machine Directive, today we signed the Declaration of Conformity. This...

See RheoStream® live at ACHEMA 2018

We would be delighted to see you at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, June 11-15. Fluidan will be exhibiting an operating RheoStream instrument, and we look forward to discuss how it may improve your process control. Read more about ACHEMA here: www.achema.de

Fluidan selected for marketboosting grant

RheoStream® is ready for testing at customers manufacturing facilities. RheoStream will be applied for improved process control in the manufacture of a range of liquids – paints, soaps & shampoos, lotions & creams and many more…

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