Since the beginning of 2015 the startup company Fluidan has developed the RheoStream™ instrument, which allows manufacturers to measure the flow characteristics of fluids in the production. A consortium of SDTI, Christian Nielsen Foundation and private investors has now invested DKK 7 million in Fluidan.

“We are obviously very pleased with this capital injection, which means that we can further develop RheoStream™ technology and implement it in manufacturing companies where it will lead to significant savings by reducing waste and quality variations. This capital injection is an important step and a confirmation that our technology will deliver significant value to the industry, “says CEO, Anders L. Østergård.

Fluidan ApS is a spinout from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology. Fluidan was founded late 2014 by Fridolin Okkels, CTO and inventor of the company’s unique technology and Anders L. Østergård, CEO and business developer as the key driving forces behind the project.

What is RheoStream™?
The RheoStream technology can be used in the production of liquids with complex flow properties, such as food, paint, shampoo and many more.
Today these industries experience quality variations, significant waste and lengthy quality assurance procedures because the flow properties can only be analyzed in time consuming lab tests, which makes it difficult to control the manufacturing process. RheoStream performs the measurements automatically 100 times faster in the actual production line so that the manufacturer can adjust his process and keep it on track.

Fluidan cooperates with a handful of Danish and international companies to test and fine tune the RheoStream technology.

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