As the cosmetics and personal care industry continues to evolve, companies are constantly seeking cutting-edge solutions to enhance product quality and streamline manufacturing processes. Fluidan, a pioneer in process rheology, is set to showcase its innovative technologies at the upcoming Cosmetic Formulation & Ingredients Congress (CFIC) 2023 in Lyon. This event presents an exciting opportunity for industry professionals to explore Fluidan’s state-of-the-art solutions designed to revolutionize viscosity control in the personal care sector.



  • Cosmetic Formulation & Ingredients Congress (CFIC) 2023
  • November 21+22, 2023
  • Vanue: EUREXPO Lyon, France
  • Hall 7A, Stand G15

This is RheoStream

Fluidan’s RheoStream® has proven instrumental in providing real-time insights into the rheological properties of liquids, a critical aspect in the personal care industry. From lotions and creams to shampoos and soaps, RheoStream offers a comprehensive process insight – now the viscosity profile is known at all times of the mixing.

Automated Process Monitoring:

RheoStream enables continuous monitoring of viscosity during the production process, ensuring that personal care formulations meet the desired specifications.

Shear Rate Customization:

With the ability to measure viscosity at multiple shear rates, RheoStream accommodates the diverse rheological profiles of personal care products, including shear-thinning behavior.

Real-time Adjustments:

Fluidan’s technology allows for immediate adjustments in the production process based on real-time rheological data, reducing the likelihood of defects and enhancing product quality.

Easy Integration:

RheoStream seamlessly integrates into existing production setups, offering a user-friendly and adaptable solution for personal care manufacturers.

Visit Fluidan at CFIC

Fluidan welcomes industry professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring the future of process rheology to visit our stand at CFIC. Engage with Fluidan’s experts, witness live demonstration of RheoStream, and discover how this innovation can revolutionize personal care product manufacturing.

As Fluidan prepares to exhibit at CFIC in Lyon, the company stands at the forefront of innovation in the personal care industry. RheoStream’s capabilities align with the evolving demands of the sector, offering a game-changing solution for enhancing product quality, ensuring consistency, and optimizing production processes. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the future of process rheology with Fluidan at CFIC 2023.