(Pictures from the award ceremony by Henrik Frydkjær)

The Elektrofondet under the Danish Society of Engineers gives out prizes every year to people who have made promising efforts in the electrotechnical/electronic field.
Last week, the impressive work of Rune Mark Hansen was awarded the E-candidate prize.

A Truly Impressive Piece Of Work

The E-candidate prizes are awarded to promising candidate projects.
When Rune joined Fluidan for a five-month internship and followed that up by his bachelor thesis in 2022, little would he know that his work was of such an outstanding caliber.

Illustration of the fluid layers within a simple shearing geometry

However, Runes supervisors at the Technical University of Denmark, as well a his colleagues at Fluidan, were highly impressed with his work, and decided to nominate him for this prestigious prize.

At the event, visited by many members of the Society of Engineers, Rune presented his work and some of the cool features of the resulting product – a new “main PCB” for RheoStream®.

After the presentation the electronics engineers lined up to se the impressive piece of work and to congratulate Rune on the price. Many were surprised, maybe even skeptical, that Rune had as the only resource to his project, carried out the full specification, design, production, testing and documentation – but that is exactly what he did!

Rune Hansen. Photo: Henrik Frydkjær.

So What is it that Rune Made for Fluidan?

RheoStream from Fluidan is “a fully automatic capillary rheometer in a box” and moves manual laboratory analysis onto the process line, enabling an unprecedented degree of automation in production processes. After over 5 years of using the first generation “main PCB” (developed externally) to control all components and to collect all sensor data in the instrument, there is a need for a new “main PCB” which uses modern components, and which takes into account the requirements that have become clear through several years of development.

Fluidan chose to put this very demanding project in the hands of Rune, from requirements specification to manufacturing and testing the prototype, and preparation for production.

In the project, Rune has ensured the definition and clarification of requirements for the RheoStream Instruments – the specification ensures that RheoPrint is future-proof both in function and in the choice of components.

A rigorous, systematic, and detailed design of the electronics has been carried out. The printed circuit board is designed so that it makes the best possible use of modern production methods and allows for countless internal function checks.

Rune has also programmed many drivers and functions and has documented all the software in the best possible way.

Rune has himself built prototypes, and in collaboration with the colleagues at Fluidan, he has carried out extensive tests of the electronics, so that we at Fluidan Are ready to start producing and implementing the board.

Ready for the Future

With this board, Fluidan is ready to further evolve the RheoStream instruments, delivering precise and timely process data for the manufacturers of paints, coatings, personal care and household care products. More flexibility and the fully self-testing features secures even better measurements and instrument management, and prepares for future features to be offered by Fluidan.