RheoStream® is ready for testing at customers manufacturing facilities.
RheoStream will be applied for improved process control in the manufacture of a range of liquids – paints, soaps & shampoos, lotions & creams and many more.  Some liquids are thick, some thinner, some require explosion proofing (organic solvents), others present strict hygiene requirements.

Markedsmodningsfonden (The Market Development Fund) helps enterprises bring their new products to the market faster, by financially supporting the process of test and adaptation.
Now, Fluidan has as one of only 20 among 250+ applicants been selected for support. Over the next year Fluidan will be testing RheoStream in paints, soaps/shampoos and lotions and will adapt the instrument to optimize it for the requirements of each of these applications. This will provide a solid platform for a wider market introduction across these and similar sectors.

In the course of the project, the support from The Market Development Fund will also make it possible for Fluidan to expand the staff with new competences in the fields of software development, automation technology and technical support.

Read the press release from the Market Development Fund here /nyheder/2018/01-15-markedsmodningsfonden

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