Pernille Kjærgaard Qwist is an industrial Ph.D. student from the University of Copenhagen, working at the Danish pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma.
Pernille has set out to investigate how more PAT (Process Analytical Technology) can be applied to improve process control in manufacturing topical pharma products (creams, ointments, gels, …).
The first phase of her work has been published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
The article concludes:
“The […] model was used on-line during the manufacturing of a gel, and manufacturing changes related to dilution of the product were clearly reflected in the batch evolution profiles. The measurements with the PDA reflected the shear rate and frequency ranges relevant for manufacturing and thereby complemented the rheology measurements obtained with a standard rheometer with real-time data” [“PDA” is the term used in the article to describe RheoStream VE]. And: “The PDA measures remarkably faster than a standard rheometer and performs the measurements automatically in an on-line mode.”

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