Industrial PhD Pernille Qwist Reckey presented the first publication of her PhD project at EuPAT 9 in Manchester May 15-16.
EuPAT is the pan-European conference on PAT (Process Analytical Technology), organized by EUFEPS.

In this study Pernille demonstrated how RheoStream® can be calibrated to measure the viscosity flow curve as well as viscoelasticity G’ and G” of a HEC gel.
HEC, hydroxyethyl cellulose is a gelforming polymer often used in pharmaceutical topical formulations.

You can read the full poster here.

In this study, RheoStream was used in a laboratory setting, off-line, however the instrument is developed to perform real-time characterization of such viscous liquids in manufacturing, where it can be installed and interfaced with the process control system, allowing for much improved rheology control.

Read more about how RheoStream works here.

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