Bringing tech&science closer to people

Bringing tech&science closer to people

The campaign will promote science and technology and it’s contribution to shaping the World. The goal is to support easier knowledge exchange and build the network of doers & makers, where top-notch innovative projects from all over the world are boosted with...

Fluidan strengthens the team

Jacob Gottschalck recently graduated as a chemical engineer from the Institute of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. Jacob brings a deep insight into fluid dynamics and modelling of liquid processes, which will contribute to the refinement of...

New on the Team – Peter Michelsen

Peter comes from a position as R&D Engineer at Pres-Vac, the world’s leading supplier of high velocity pressure/vacuum  valves for the Marine sector. Fluidan’s unique RheoStream technology is the world’s first inline sensor of complex rheology....

Fluidan receives a DKK 7 million capital injection

Since the beginning of 2015 the startup company Fluidan has developed the RheoStream™ instrument, which allows manufacturers to measure the flow characteristics of fluids in the production. A consortium of SDTI, Christian Nielsen Foundation and private investors has...
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